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Drip Stations

Enjoy great gourmet coffee one cup at a time!


Drip Stations for the convenience of serving any gourmet coffee by the cup.


15”W X 8”D X 12 ½”H (as pictured above)

Also available in a 4 cup. (27”wide)

These all stainless steel Drip Stations can be set up anywhere.
Coffee Shops, Grocery Deli, Cafeteria, SpecialtyShops, Meetings, etc.

Take any fresh roasted gourmet coffee bean, grind for one cup, place in filter, pour over boiling water and ENJOY!!!
No Waste / No Fuss / One on one interaction

This can only increase the sales of your gourmet beans!!!

Click on one of the links below for detailed information about our Solobar & Drip Stations.

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